February 10, 2016

High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST) are thin layers of specially engineered material overlaid on the pavement of roadways to create a long-lasting skid resistant surface. HSFT is an extremely rough, hard, durable surface capable of withstanding everyday roadway demands, such as heavy braking. HFST restores pavement surface friction characteristics where traffic has worn down existing pavement surface aggregates at less than what it would cost to mill and resurface. HFST can also help...

February 10, 2016

There is no question that pedestrians sometimes face significant challenge when trying​ to cross

Florida roadways. This is especially true of mid-block crossings on roadways with multiple lanes and higher speeds. (Mid-block crossings are those designated pedestrian crossings that are are not located at the intersection of two roadways.) FDOT has been working diligently to create more pedestrian-friendly crossings. 


One of the newest pedestrian safety features seen on Central Florida'...

February 5, 2016

Friday, February 5th was School Guard Appreciation Day in Florida. During this year's annual appreciation luncheon for the Seminole County Crossing Guards, the group was awarded with FDOT's Crossing Guard Program of the Year award! This is the Seminole County team's 4th time, in 5 years, of being recognized as the best of the best in the state of Florida! Congrats on a well deserved honor!

January 23, 2016


Officer Pete Stephens of the University of Central Florida Police Department has long been an advocate of safety and has gone above and beyond in his efforts to help keep the public safe. Prior to being a member of UCF's police department, Officer Stephens retired from Maitland Police Department. As an active member of Orange County's Community Traffic Safety Team, Officer Stephens was notorious for thinking outside the box and assisting with the design and implementation of clever traf...

December 18, 2015


During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Orange County Community Traffic Safety team member, Officer Tony Fairbanks (Winter Park Police Dept) hosted a safety booth at the International Car Show. This is an enormous event that brings tens of thousands of people from all over the country, if not the world, to check out the latest and greatest in automobile design and technology. 


Officer Fairbanks' booth included a variety of messages relating to safe driving habits but, in partnership wi...

September 30, 2015



Rear-end collisions account for 29% of all traffic crashes nationwide, but more than 45% here in Central Florida.  The economic impact of these crashes is significant, as is the risk of injury and increased traffic delays. Our partners at the Winter Park Police Department designed and implemented the "Stop Tailgating Before It Stops You" campaign. Based on their local success, FDOT wanted to replicate their efforts on a larger scale and is now using this great logo and tag line on a di...

September 18, 2015

Maybe you've seen one of these new traffic signals during your commute around Central Florida. The "flashing yellow arrow" or FYA, is a new feature being added tos ignals with protected-permissive left turn signals. Protected-permissive signals are those that stop oncoming traffic to allow left turning drivers to turn safely, before transitioning to a phase where drivers can still turn left, but must yield to oncoming traffic, first. 

The flashing yellow arrow eliminates some of teh gues...

May 6, 2015

April was National Distracted Driving Awareness month and provided us the perfect opportunity to remind motorists of the many men and women who are at significant risk, working on or alongside, Florida's roadways. The Move Over law has been implemented in all 50 states. In Florida, the law requires drivers to move over when passing an emergency, service, or utility vehicle with flashing lights activated. If unable to move over, drivers must reduce speeds to 20mph below the posted speed l...

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