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New Pedestrian Safety Features

There is no question that pedestrians sometimes face significant challenge when trying​ to cross

Florida roadways. This is especially true of mid-block crossings on roadways with multiple lanes and higher speeds. (Mid-block crossings are those designated pedestrian crossings that are are not located at the intersection of two roadways.) FDOT has been working diligently to create more pedestrian-friendly crossings.

One of the newest pedestrian safety features seen on Central Florida's roadways are RRFBs or Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons. RRFBs are bright yellow LED light that flash in a sequential manner. These lights are installed beneath the traditional pedestrian crossing sign. Most RRFBs are push-button activated, meaning, they come on when a pedestrian pushes a button to cross, increasing visiblity to motorists who are alerted that pedestrians are entering the roadway. A typical pedestrian sign installation with added RRFBs is pictured to the right.

Some of the areas in which you will see these new safety features include Lake Underhill Road in Orlando and 17-92, around the lake, in Sanford.

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